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Pipe jetting.

Pipe jetting is the most effective way to clean grease, sludge, tree roots, etc. from septic system lines, sewage/drainage pipes, storm drains and culverts.  Ready Services utilizes:

  • The 4025 [4000 PSI 25 GPM]; US Jetting’s most versatile jetting machine

  • With 4000PSI pressure it magnifies the flushing power with added gallons per minute. 

  • This provides endless applications from grease and root cutting, to culvert cleaning and storm drain jetting. 

  • The 4025 unit can work in pipes ranging from 1″ – 48”


The 4025 has a true run-dry plunger pump and a state of the art HATZ Tier 4 diesel engine, which makes it perfect for:

  • General cleaning in residential, industrial, and commercial jetting applications 

  • Added flushing power to handle many municipal applications. 

  • Enormous versatility working in pipes ranging from 1″ – 48″

  • Can be fitted with water tanks sized 100 – 750 gallons (378 – 2,839 liters) or larger if required

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