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 Your HVAC Company for Any Size Job

Whether we are talking about jobs with a national, regional, state-wide, or local scope, Ready Services, LLC is the company for you.  Our experience includes jobs at the Federal, State, and City level, with a variety of sources, including military, industrial, commercial, and residential services.  This experience includes provision of services for the following organizations: 

  • Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection

  • Department of Homeland Security - United States Coast Guard - Confined Space

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Department of the Interior – Fish and Wildlife Service

  • National Weather Service

  • US Army

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Cherokee NationIndian Health Services

  • Fort Sill Army Base

  • Tinker Air Force Base

  • Sheppard Air Force base

  • City of Tulsa

  • Wagoner County

  • Individual Corporations

  • Local Hospitals

  • Residential Services

HVAC Services

Experience is a major factor when installing HVAC equipment.  How long a system will last and
how well the system performs largely depends on the quality of installation. Ready Services
specializes in the installation of quality HVAC products for both residential and commercial use.
Whether you need your unit serviced, repaired, or totally replaced, getting your HVAC needs
taken care of timely, economically and professionally are key elements for a successful project.
At Ready Services LLC, we can help take care of all these issues and more. We offer a wide
array of professional HVAC services and our expertise can help take care of your HVAC needs
from the local Tulsa Metro area, to the entire state of Oklahoma, or even regional and national
coverage as well. We can help you identify the specific needs for your situation, give you a
timeline for completion, and professionally manage the project to the finish. Regardless if you
just need service to start the season, or a repair to get you running again, or a completely new
unit, we can help no matter how large (or small).

HVAC services include:
Air Conditioning

  • HVAC (ventilation and air-conditioning) contractors

  • Central air-conditioning equipment installation 

  • Air-conditioning system (except window) installation

  • Central cooling equipment and piping installation

  • Cooling and ventilation system component (e.g., air registers, diffusers, filters, grilles, sound attenuators) installation

  • Cooling duct work installation

  • Air vent installation

  • Air system balancing and testing

  • Duct work (e.g., cooling, dust collection, exhaust, ventilation) installation

  • Blower or fan, cooling installation

  • Commercial refrigeration system installation

  • Cooling tower installation


  • HVAC (heating) contractors

  • Heating equipment installation

  • Heating duct work installation

  • Heat pump installation

  • Central heating equipment and piping installation

  • Duct work (e.g., dust collection, exhaust, heating, ventilation) installation 

  • Heating and ventilation system component (e.g., air registers, diffusers, filters, grilles, sound attenuators) installation

  • Blower or fan, dry heating installation

  • Dry heating equipment installation

  • Furnace installation

  • Furnace, forced air, installation

  • Furnace humidifier installation

  • Furnace conversion (i.e., from one fuel to another)

  • Boiler, heating, installation

Ready Services, LLC has the experience necessary to handle all your HVAC needs.  Our team's 25+ years of experience, can give you the peace of mind that we have both the knowledge to accomplish the task, and the reputation to stand behind our work in providing you the service you can trust. If you have questions about how our HVAC professionals could help you, give us a
, and we'd love to talk with you about it.

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